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The Grand Canyon is a precarious sided gorge cut by the Colorado River in the condition of Arizona in the United States. It is contained inside and oversaw by the Kaibab National Forest,, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Grand Canyon National Park, , the Havasupai individuals  the Navajo Nation and the Hualapai Tribal Nation.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and accomplishes a profundity of over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters). About two billion years of Earth's geographical history have been uncovered as the Colorado River and its boundaries carve their channels through layer after layer of rock while the Colorado Plateau was inspired. While the particular geologic procedures and timing that framed the Grand Canyon are the subject of civil argument by geologists, late proof proposes that the Colorado River built up its course through the gorge no less than 17 million years back. Since that time, the Colorado River kept on disintegrating and frame the gully to its present-day design.

For a huge number of years, the zone has been ceaselessly occupied by Native Americans who manufactured settlements inside of the gorge and its numerous holes. The Pueblo individuals considered the Grand Canyon a sacred site, and made journeys to it. The principal European known not saw the Grand Canyon was García López de Cárdenas from Spain, who landed in 1540.

The Grand Canyon is a crevice in the Colorado Plateau that uncovered elevated Proterozoic and Paleozoic strata, and is likewise one of the 19 unmistakable physiographic segments of the Colorado Plateau area. It is not the most profound ravine on the planet (Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal is far more profound), be that as it may, the Grand Canyon is known for its outwardly overpowering size and its mind boggling and beautiful scene. Topographically it is critical due to the thick succession of old shakes that are delightfully protected and uncovered in the dividers of the gorge. These stone layers record a great part of the early geologic history of the North American mainland.

Grand Canyon view from Pima Point 2010.jpg
Inspire connected with mountain development later moved these dregs a huge number of feet upward and made the Colorado Plateau. The higher rise has additionally brought about more noteworthy precipitation in the Colorado River waste zone, yet insufficient to change the Grand Canyon zone from being semi-parched. The inspire of the Colorado Plateau is uneven, and the Kaibab Plateau that Grand Canyon divides is over a thousand feet higher at the North Rim (around 1,000 ft or 300 m) than at the South Rim. All spillover from the North Rim (which additionally gets more rain and snow) streams toward the Grand Canyon, while a great part of the overflow on the level behind the South Rim streams far from the gully (taking after the general tilt). The outcome is more profound and more tributary washes and ravines on the north side and shorter and more extreme side gullies on the south side.

The considerable profundity of the Grand Canyon and particularly the tallness of its strata (the vast majority of which shaped beneath ocean level) can be credited to 5–10 thousand feet (1,500 to 3,000 m) of inspire of the Colorado Plateau, beginning around 65M years back. This inspire has steepened the stream inclination of the Colorado River and its tributaries, which thusly has expanded their velocity and along these lines their capacity to slice through rock.

Excellent Canyon National Park is one of the world's chief common attractions, drawing in around five million guests for every year.Aside from easygoing touring from the South Rim (averaging 7,000 feet [2,100 m] above ocean level), rafting, climbing, running, and helicopter visits are famous.