Sunday, 7 February 2016


At 03:57 nearby time on 6 February 2016, a seismic tremor with a minute greatness of 6.4 struck 28 km north-east of Pingtung City in southern Taiwan, in Meinong District of Kaohsiung. The quake struck at a profundity of around 23 km, with the seismic tremor having a greatest power of VII (Very solid) on the Mercalli scale, bringing about broad harm and no less than 26 passings. Five post-quake tremors happened.

2016 Kaohsiung earthquake shakemap.pngThe most exceedingly awful influenced city was Tainan, where various structures supposedly given way, including no less than one private working, with several individuals caught in fallen structures. 26 individuals have been accounted for executed and 403 harmed; 245 individuals have been accounted for as having been protected, while 121 are as yet absent. No less than 23 chronicled structures in the city were additionally harmed.

Taiwan Power Company at first reported that 168,000 family units experienced force blackout after the tremor, yet from that point forward have restored the power to the greater part of the houses. National Fire Agency reported around 400,000 families left without water supply.

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) crossed out all train administrations between Taichung Station and Zuoying Station beginning Saturday because of harm to the train power frameworks and broad harm to its tracks north of Tainan. Later in the day, THSR made a declaration that the administration in the middle of Taichung and Chiayi Station continued after effective reparation works.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company reported that the silicon wafers at its Tainan processing plant were harmed, in spite of the fact that it didn't influence quite a bit of its shipment. United Microelectronics Corporation said that the quake set off its plant wellbeing measures to shutdown the machines and that they would require recalibrating a short time later.

The Ministry of the Interior instantly set up the Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC) not long after 4 a.m. once the tremor had happened. From the CEOC, President Ma Ying-jeou facilitated the salvage endeavors and is relied upon to go to Tainan. Tainan Mayor William Lai additionally set up crisis reaction minutes after the shudder. Chief Chang San-cheng has crossed out his unique agenda and is relied upon to make a beeline for Tainan also. The Ministry of Health and Welfare had propelled six provincial crisis operation focuses.

Service of National Defense affirmed that armed force units were dispatched for the salvage endeavors comprising of 810 staff, 11 therapeutic groups, 24 inquiry and salvage groups and 38 vehicles. The Army Command Headquarters situated in Guiren District sent two helicopters to review the harmed regions. Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital dispatched 30 medicinal work force to Tainan. Military Chief of the General Staff Yen Teh-fa will be positioned at the joint military operations war room to manage the salvage endeavors. An aggregate of 1,200 beds in four areas have been readied by the military for individuals who lost their homes because of the seismic tremor. Tainan Air Force Base had been transformed into a makeshift asylum that could oblige up to 1,400 individuals left destitute by the shudder.

Taipei 101 put on a lighting show on Saturday night to pay tribute to the quake casualties. Taiwan Railways Administration expanded its southbound Puyuma Express armadas from Taipei Station to Pingtung Station to facilitate the traveler streams because of the interruption to THSR services.Government delegates from Japan, Singapore and the People's Republic of China imparted condolensces and offered assistance to protect endeavors.

President-choose Tsai Ing-wen gave NT$1 million to the seismic tremor alleviation endeavors. New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu additionally gave NT$1 million to seismic tremor casualties. Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku gave one month of his pay to the quake casualties.

Yulon Group affirmed it would give NT$10 million while Acer gave NT$1 million. Foxconn and Yunglin Healthcare Foundation gave NT$100 million each. Lin Rung San Foundation of Culture and Social Welfare promise a NT$100 million gift to the casualties. Formosa Plastics Corp vow NT$50 million to help the salvage endeavors. Taishin Financial Holdings and Himax vowed for NT$10 million gift each to Tainan City Government.

Red Cross Society of China and Macau Red Cross have swore US$303,030 and US$50,000 separately to the alleviation endeavors. Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation sent more than 1,000 volunteers to 15 areas in Tainan with cover, winter bedding, garments and nourishment for the seismic tremor survivors. Red Cross Society of the Republic of China prepared more than 100 representatives and volunteers to help with the alleviation endeavors. Additionally, a few famous people, similar to Jay Chou, Huang Xiaoming and his wife, Angelababy and so on., gave to the help efforts.Hotels around Tainan gave interim free rooms to stay for quake survivors.